Chapter 113: Good Faith (3)

Chapter 113: Good Faith (3)

The Immortal Temple was not just any ordinary underground organization.

They had their own faith and their own political ambitions that they pursued.

Usually, if an underground organization possessed these two things, there was another term to describe them that was more accurate - a terrorist organization!

The Immortal Temple was one such organization.

If someone else had said that making the plague medicine had no benefit to themselves and they would rather make the Spirit-Sobering Medicine, Su Chen might have believed them.

However, these words came from the Immortal Temple, and they were not very convincing.

Thus, no matter how angry Aaron got, Su Chen refused to back down.

Sang Zhen immediately attempted to compromise. “Prince Su, you are misunderstanding us. The current Immortal Temple is no longer the Immortal Temple of the past. After tens of thousands of years of change, everyone is no longer...

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