Chapter 112: Good Faith (2)

Chapter 112: Good Faith (2)

The hand that was holding the tea was frozen in midair, completely unmoving.

Finally, Su Chen suddenly laughed.

He brought the cup of tea to his mouth and gulped it down. Su Chen raised his head to look at Sang Zhen.

“I was wondering how it was possible for me to keep such a large organization in the dark for so long.”

As he spoke, his eyes flicked from Sang Zhen to Night Demon, then Qingbai, Copper Deer, and everyone else nearby.

In that instant, his eyes were bright and full of spirit and vitality.

Night Demon could no longer endure it. She began to yell, “You...... you...... you aren’t blind?”

She truly did not know that Su Chen was not blind.

Qingbai and the others wore expressions of laughter. Evidently, they had known this a long time ago.

“When did you recover?”

“When did you find out?”

In the next instant, Sang...

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