Chapter 111: Good Faith (1)

Chapter 111: Good Faith (1)

“Can you wait a bit? I need to ask the higher-ups for their opinion,” Night Demon said.

This time, she did not wait until the next day to give an answer like before; instead, she pulled out a silver ring.

The ring had a few buttons on it. Night Demon pressed one of them, then passed on the words that Su Chen had spoken into the ring. An instant later, the ring began to let out a faint red glow.

Night Demon placed the ring next to her ear, listening closely. An instant later, she said to Su Chen, “You want a show of good faith? Then come with me.”

She walked outside.

After exiting the Su palace’s backyard, a carriage was already waiting. The person driving the carriage was dressed in all black robes, and their face was hidden. When Su Chen walked over, the carriage driver glanced at Su Chen. It was then that Su Chen discovered that there was nothing under that black robe.

A chilly aura manifested around her, as Night Demon said, “If you aren’t afraid of dying, get on.”

As she spoke, she jumped onto the carriage.

Su Chen laughed. “The moment that I decided to begin a relationship with you all, I lost the right to be afraid of death.”

He jumped on the carriage,...

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