Chapter 110: Whitetower Teleportation

Chapter 110: Whitetower Teleportation

This extremely one-sided battle rendered the members of the Lin Clan speechless.

Lin Xingrong’s expression was frozen, and all the disciples of the Lin Clan were filled with fury and resentment. None of them knew how the situation had developed to this point. Only Gu Qingluo beaming with happiness.

Having lost a Moon-Worshipping Toad for nothing, how could their mood get any worse?

Members of the Lin Clan wanted to continue battle, but Gu Qingluo had already spoken out and put an end to it. Her reasoning was very righteous and just.

No matter what, Su Chen was still a guest that had been invited by the Lin Clan. Sparring a bit was more than enough; there was no need for a round-robin battle.

No one had anything to say in response. They all glanced at Lin Xingrong, whose expression sank. He shook his sleeves, then left without saying a word.

He left!

Their clan leader had thrown in the towel, so everyone else could only endure. If the matter of Su Chen coming to be a guest...

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