Chapter 109: Guest (3)

Chapter 109: Guest (3)

Su Chen inclined his body.

Gu Qingluo made an introduction for him. “This is the son of Lin Xianjun. In the third generation of the Lin Clan, his strength can be considered quite good......”

She hadn’t finished speaking when Su Chen carelessly picked up a cup and tossed it out. The cup spun around in midair as it flew out, making strange hums.

Lin Shaofeng raised his hand and struck out. However, as the cup spun through the air, his strike actually missed. The cup curved around Lin Shaofeng’s strike, then slammed into his chest with a “Bang!”. He was sent flying with one cup.

Su Chen’s strike had been clean and efficient. Everyone watching was dazed.

Most importantly, everyone was extremely familiar with this technique.

Even Gu Qingluo exclaimed, “Flying Flower Hands?”

Impressively, Su Chen was using the Gu Clan’s Flying Flower Hands, but he had infused it with the unique aspects of the Thunder Blade. Its strength had greatly increased, and one attack was enough to topple Lin Shaofeng, rendering him unable to stand for quite some time.

Su Chen said boastfully with a slight smile, “Lin Yemao and I are good friends.”

Gu Qingluo was speechless, yet she also understood Su Chen’s intentions.

He was using this opportunity to place...

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