Chapter 108: Guest (2)

Chapter 108: Guest (2)

A clear breeze blew gently across the small building near the lake. Outside, jade-green waves lapped up against its walls.

Su Chen sat in a pavilion near the lake. Gu Qingluo’s dainty hands held a jade teapot as she poured out tea, which gave the scene a certain taste.

Before, when he and Gu Qingluo met, it would always be furtively, in the forest behind the mountain. They would either spar or take baths, or they would secretly discuss matters related to the Spirit Burying Terrace. It wasn’t until today that he finally had an opportunity to observe Gu Qingluo from a different perspective.

In the end, she was still an important young miss from a large clan. Every move she made exuded a certain kind of nobility.

As he watched her current appearance, then thought about Gu Qingluo’s free, unfettered, and adorable behavior around himself, Su Chen felt that truly, every beautiful woman from the heavens had a side that others did not know about.

He was lucky. Because he was blind, Gu Qingluo...

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