Chapter 107: Guest (1)

Chapter 107: Guest (1)

Inside the stone room, Su Chen and Iron Cliff watched Lin Yemao who was passed out on the bed, their hands on their chin.

The development of the situation Su Chen was undoubtedly an extremely burdensome matter for Su Chen.

The Lin Clan would definitely not accept this matter. What they wanted wasn’t just a Lin Yemao, but a Lin Yemao who had a Soaring Serpent Bloodline and could thus help the Lin Clan remain competitive in the future.

Without the Soaring Serpent Bloodline, Lin Yemao’s value had greatly decreased.

From a certain angle, it was just like a certain part of him had died.

Lin Yemao would be reduced to the same position that Su Chen had in Su Cheng’an’s eyes.

If possible, Su Cheng’an definitely would not have shown mercy to the old beggar who had blinded Su Chen.

Most likely, Lin Xingrong...

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