Chapter 105: Request for Assistance

Chapter 105: Request for Assistance

Upon returning to the Su Clan’s palace, Su Chen first went to visit Tang Hongrui to ask her about the current circumstances and to confirm that no problems had occurred while he was gone before he was finally able to relax.

After Su Feihu had taken over, the atmosphere of the Su Clan had greatly changed. Today, no one in the Su Clan took aim at Su Chen like they had before.

Even without Su Feihu’s support of Su Chen, they would not have dare to to do it.

Su Chen was a Young Master with a vicious record: he’d had a servant beaten to death, ruined an Aunt’s countenance, and dared to oppose his own father. He had also entered and returned from the Scarlet Mountain Range three times in a row.

If one were to say that in the past there were still some who were unaware of his standing, then now, after all the things that had happened in the past few years, no one dared to compete with Su Chen anymore.

After visiting his mother, Su Chen returned to his Dustsift Courtyard.

Mingshu and Zhou Hong were both incredibly excited to see Su Chen return. Su Chen tested the progress of their cultivation.

Mingshu had just begun cultivating and was only in the first layer of body tempering. His improvement was not too fast. However, Zhou Hong had cultivated before, but...

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