Chapter 104: Decision

Chapter 104: Decision

The instant that Su Chen’s figure appeared in the entrance to the valley, the flock of people slightly shifted.

After waiting for three days, Su Chen had finally appeared.

Indeed, he had not died.

He had entered and left the Scarlet Mountain Range three times. It truly had become like his backyard, and no one could use it to threaten him.

Under normal circumstances, many people would feel fear because of this, unwilling to continue provoking Su Chen.

However, it was very clear that today’s situation was somewhat abnormal. Many people gazed at him not with fear but rather joy in his misfortune.

All of this was because of an old man.

The old man had a face full of white hair, but despite this he appeared very energetic. He looked just like a tiger with white fur.

Upon seeing Su Chen walked out, this old man yelled like thunder, “Su Chen! Where is Lin Yemao?”

Su Chen acted as if he could not see, tilting his head in the direction of the voice. “Who’s speaking?”

Upon seeing Su Chen behave in this way, Su Changche couldn’t...

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