Chapter 103: Experiments (2)

Chapter 103: Experiments (2)

Inside the cave, Su Chen sat at his workbench, continuing his experiments.

He held a beaker in his hand filled with vibrantly red blood.

He grabbed some faint blue powder and placed it inside the beaker, causing the blood inside to slowly begin to congeal.

“The first experiment: excessive cold attribute due to the Frigid Water Herb caused the blood to congeal. Solution: lower the proportion of Frigid Water Herb.

“Second experiment: proportions of Frigid Water Herb are still too high. Lowered proportions again.”

“Fourth experiment: blood no longer coagulates, but the amount of Origin Substance present has clearly decreased due to low temperatures...... Dammit, this little Origin Substance Is not enough. Solution: separate substances with cold attributes and the Origin Substance.”

“Twelfth experiment: Origin Substance separation failure.”

“Thirty second experiment: Origin Substance separation failure.”

“Forty sixth experiment: successfully achieved initial separation of Origin Substance. However, after separation,...

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