Chapter 102: Experiments (1)

Chapter 102: Experiments (1)

In the following days, Su Chen officially began analyzing Lin Yemao’s bloodline. Lin Yemao was in a state of constantly varying conditions.

Every day, Su Chen would force feed Lin Yemao two of Ulrich’s failed ancestral medicines which caused his bloodline to boil. At the same time, he would also force Lin Yemao to activate the Snaking Mist Steps, observing the bloodline and Origin Energy changes in his body, recording them.

Su Chen’s understanding of biology and alchemy came from Ulrich.

Although Ulrich’s strength was not high, he was merely at a high layer of Qi Drawing, his biological understanding was quite refined - this was the habit of the Arcana Race. Their absolute control over Origin Energy originated from their pursuit of knowledge in the first place.

After less than half a year of study, Su Chen’s study of biology had already reached a certain level...

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