Chapter 101: Not Unworthy of This Life

Chapter 101: Not Unworthy of This Life

Lin Yemao lay completely naked on a long stone slab. His hands and feet were tied using beast muscles that had been soaked in medicine.

He gazed at Su Chen with a face full of fear. Different words like “rabbits[1. Slang for a gay person]”, “husband”, and “ass in danger [2. My personal favorite]” all flashed through his mind.

However, he was evidently thinking too much.

Su Chen was not at all interested in his butt.

On the other side, a workbench had already been set up.

That was Ulrich’s workbench. Su Chen had moved it here after taking it away with him. Its surface was covered in vials and pots that Ulrich had used before.

At this moment, Su Chen was busy using the workbench.

He was testing out one of Ulrich’s recipes for making a kind of medicine.

Su Chen slowly poured a blue medicinal fluid from a beaker into a vial that he had prepared. Instantly, a fog began to...

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