Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles

Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles

“He actually won in a frontal contest of strength!”

“That full-bearded Holy Dawn teacher is 'Barbarian Knight-Errant' Minlur?”

“Is it that brute force arcane master who can shred huge monsters with his bare hands, the one who pursues the road to ultimate strength?”

“What's the relationship between Ayrin and him?”

A clamor rose in the stands, but even more people subconsciously covered their own mouths, unable to make a sound for a long long time.

Sunlight sprinkled on Minlur and Ayrin's figures, one big and one small, painting a strange picture of hot-bloodness in harmony.

Many people replayed again and again Ayrin's incomparably resolute and explosive punch in their minds. This was a scene that many people would probably never forget their entire lives.

“So explosive, so vigorous. I think I'm falling in love with him already,” a girl couldn't stop herself from whispering, there in Agate Lake Academy's stands.

“You bimbo! There are many with also formidable strength in the nationals, are you going to fall in love every time you see one?” Several people around immediate scolded...

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