Chapter 98: Fist against fist

Chapter 98: Fist against fist

In the stands, everyone from Iron Forest Academy felt very depressed.

No matter how they looked at it, there was no reason for Silva to lose to Ayrin, yet they still lost this fight for some strange and inexplicable reason.

This defeat even seemed very logical.

So what kind of logic was it now?

In the stands, several girls living in the same dorm as Charlotte said, full of schadenfreude, “Charlotte, it looks like you have many love rivals. The number is increasing by the minute.”

“...” Charlotte couldn't answer. She was already at a loss how to defend herself.

“That said, I actually understand now more and more clearly why so many people like Ayrin.” One of the girls who lived in the same corridor as her suddenly said, “Because Ayrin doesn't only have a lot of vitality, a lot of courage, not only can he always get back on his feet no matter what kind of blow he takes. The important thing is, he always finds a way to defeat his opponents while at an intrinsically weaker level than them.”

Charlotte blinked. Thinking back on it, Ayrin indeed never occupied any superiority...

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