Chapter 97: Imagining the opponent as a chicken leg

Chapter 97: Imagining the opponent as a chicken leg

Knowing full well that Ayrin would definitely drag things on no matter what, Silva finally clenched his teeth and tossed his two shields away, even though he spent at least half his arcane particles for these “Iron Forest Fire Gem Shields.”

“Only half my arcane particles left! I can absolutely not waste them, I absolute have to beat him!”

Silva dashed wildly in Ayrin's direction.

“Oh my! My belly's hurting really bad!”

Ayrin seemed about to dodge, but he suddenly bent down.

“He's at it again!”

Silva stopped abruptly all of a sudden. He had the subconscious feeling Ayrin would certainly hit him with a surprise attack the next instant.

But nothing actually happened the next instant. Ayrin rubbed his belly, and straightened back up, looking very natural.

“Come at me! Brave warrior!”

Ayrin stretched his hand at Silva.

Silva was really speechless. He felt as if Ayrin were toying with him in the palm of his hand.

Yet the instant he set down the resolution not to be influenced by Ayrin's little tricks and focus entirely on his own attacks,...

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