Chapter 95: Leave no regret behind

Chapter 95: Leave no regret behind

Justin didn't even move, he merely stared tight at the shadow of that blue sword with a grim smile. A long and narrow patch of metallic armor appeared once again on his belly.


A long and narrow wound suddenly appeared on his chest, sprinkling scalding-hot blood!

Tiny driblets of blood rolled in the air, outlining the shape of a cutting blade!

“Bora had a sword in his left hand as well!”

“The sword in his right hand is real, how can the one in his left hand be real as well!”

“Since it's a material entity, why is the sword in his left hand invisible, why didn't we see the flow and solidification of arcane particles!”

Incredulous cries of alarm instantly descended from the stands.

After a slight blank stare, Ayrin couldn't help but turn his head around and ask Chris beside him, “Did he project the solidification of the sword in his left hand on the one in his right hand, and make them coincide together?”

“Indeed.” Chris nodded. “This should be a trick of his to conceal the Illusion Sword.”

“...” Hearing this exchange, looking at Ayrin...

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