Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!

Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!

“There's nothing much to say, it's just like we agreed, let's fight to the bitter end. Apart from the boss, none of us should even think about leaving the Dragon-Battling Arena standing on our two feet!”

In team Iron Forest's lounge, Wilde took a deep breath in and looked at everyone other than Ferguillo. "Are you ready or not!”

“What else is there to say?” The other musclemen with violence written across their faces all chuckled coldly and mischievously.

“Out of all the teams participating in the tournament, I must be the teacher in charge who has the least to worry about,” the long-braided Lee thought to himself with a little smile.

“In that case, let us set off!” Wilde bellowed.

Ferguillo glanced at these teammates of his and appeared as if he wanted to say something. But in the end he didn't say anything and merely nodded.

“Let's go!”

All the members of team Iron Forest shouted a loud rallying cry, then rushed out of the lounge like dauntless molten iron to the arena outside.

“They came out!”

“The match is about to begin!”

The whole stands cheered and...

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