Chapter 93: A troop of problem children

Chapter 93: A troop of problem children


Inside Dragon-Battling Arena's tunnel, Wilde and the others called him, seemingly wanting to say something.

“No need to pay attention to that guy, just focus on fighting properly today.” Walking at the very front, Ferguillo faintly said, “Also, right now I really shouldn't be his match. However, you have to remember that for us arcane masters, the battle doesn't stop at the outcome of this match, it only stops when our lives come to an end.”

“We understand, boss!” Wilde and the others shared a look between themselves. They could all feel their blood surging inside them.

Ferguillo had always been the one who brought them to the national tournament. Ferguillo was the respected spiritual leader for everyone in Iron Forest Academy. For them, Ferguillo's dignity was even more important than their own.

If one could say that Ferguillo had been protecting them previously, then from now on, they would also use every ounce of strength to protect Ferguillo.

“God of Death Rinsyi! The extraordinarily strong captain of team Golden Stag, it's really him!”

“The captain...

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