Chapter 92: Dragon clans

Chapter 92: Dragon clans

“Why are you here?” Ferguillo asked, still faint and indifferent as he watched the magenta-haired boy approach his way.

“I came especially to watch your match.”

The handsome magenta-haired boy looked at Ferguillo, all smiles. “You might be a mere defeated sacrificial pawn in the struggle for fiefdoms, but as far as blood relationships go, I still have to call you cousin, right? I came especially to see if you made any progress compared to last year.”

“Cousin? This guy is Ferguillo's junior cousin?” Ayrin was stunned all of a sudden.

“What, the boss is from clan Baratheon?” All the members of team Iron Forest were also taken aback. They obviously didn't know about it either.

Ferguillo watched the magenta-haired boy. The later was all smiles, yet one couldn't help but shiver all over at the sight of him. Ferguillo stayed silent.

The magenta-haired boy smiled faintly in ridicule. “What, I spent a lot of time on the road to rush here just for your match, are you going to be so cold now?”

Ferguilo merely said in an indifferent tone, “If I recall correctly,...

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