Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected guest

Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected guest

“The match this time is definitely very much worth seeing.”

“That's right, it's surely going to be more spectacular than the match last time between Agate Lake Academy and White Stone Academy. The girls from Agate Lake Academy are all pretty good-looking, that Nikita is also indeed pretty, but such a one-sided match, one person sorting out the whole team on the other side, it's really a little too boring.”

“I didn't think Golden Lion Academy would actually throw in the towel.”

“That's just as well, otherwise we'd have to wait a very long while before seeing the duel between Iron Forest Academy and Holy Dawn Academy.”


Previously, in the opinion of almost every academy in St. Lauren, the match most worth looking forward this year, the hottest match, should have been the confrontation between Iron Forest Academy and Divine Shield Academy.

Before the match between Divine Shield Academy and Holy Dawn Academy, Divine Shield Academy, Agate Lake Academy, and Iron Forest Academy, were publicly recognized as powerful teams at the same level, while the...

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