Chapter 90: Body Ignition

Chapter 90: Body Ignition

“Near death? A special method combining breathing and self-hypnosis? It must be very amazing!” Ayrin immediately became excited. “Teacher Minlur, what should we do, please teach us!”

“You... A method using the edge of death to forcibly stimulate as much of your potential as possible, aren't you scared of it?” Moss looked at Ayrin, speechless, his face paling in spite of himself.

“How is it, are you afraid, brave warrior?”

Minlur looked at Moss and laughed. “Haha, this is indeed a ultimate strength only true brave warriors dare to pursue!”

“Since it's only an arcane method and not really dying, then why would I be afraid.” Ayrin turned around and looked at Moss. “Moss, don't tell me you're afraid of a little thing like that?”

Moss suddenly felt ashamed. He shouted, depressed, “Since even you aren't afraid, what would I be afraid of!”

“Very well, with both your special bloodlines, your stamina reserves are much higher than ordinary people. When the time comes, the strength you release will certainly be very good, haha.” Minlur laughed, excitement written all over his face. “In this case, let's start right now!”

“Come, hold your breaths! You two, you're not allowed to breathe!”

“No matter how uncomfortable you feel at first, whether you feel you're really about to die or not, you absolutely can't breathe before I let you!”

“Can't breathe?” Moss still wanted...

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