Chapter 89: The road to ultimate strength!

Chapter 89: The road to ultimate strength!

At night, under the starry skies, in Holy Dawn Academy's secret training ground.

Ayrin looked at a Moss propped on crutches, one foot bundled tightly, and said, “Even a lame-foot like you can come here and train? Teacher Carter actually let you come too, it's really strange.”

“Ayrin, you actually called me a lame-foot, do you want to die!” Moss almost fainted from anger.

Ayrin guffawed. “What, didn't you use to call me a shorty before?”

“I didn't think you were one to hold grudges for so long!”

“Stop thinking so much, I'm just curious how you can train with a lame foot. Teacher Carter said you're very powerful though, you have the giants' bloodline's Multi-Sizing, and a hidden bloodline power that even many barbarians don't have. You're also a special snowflake.”

“Ayrin, you actually insult me, what special snowflake!”

“Ah? Is special snowflake an insult? Back then in Cororin, they all used to called me a special snowflake.”

“...” Moss was thoroughly speechless. “Ayrin, you're really a special snowflake.”

“Haha, little brave warriors, you must be impatient right?”

A wild laughter came just at this moment. An arcane master with a full beard suddenly...

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