Chapter 88: The menace of evil

Chapter 88: The menace of evil

“Haha, no need to be so polite, what are you talking about, I happened to be there and lent you a hand, that's all.”

Inside the sick ward, Ayrin scratched his head, a little embarrassed. “You can just invite me to eat something next time.”

“Bastard, can something like this be compared to a meal?” He was very grateful to Ayrin, but, lying on his sickbed, Ivan was still very angry when seeing Ayrin looking as if he didn't take his solemn promise to heart.

“Then let's talk about it next time, anyway there won't be that many opportunities to return the favor.”

“Bastard, are you saying that I'm just speaking empty words that aren't even as dependable as a meal!”

“I don't mean that, haha.” Ayrin said excitedly, “The arcane skill you used earlier against that guy was really amazing! Ghost World Projection – Touch of Death, what kind of arcane skill is that, I didn't even see arcane particles spraying out, why's that? Also I felt your body become suddenly lighter when you used this it, why's that?”

Generally speaking, it was rare for arcane masters to...

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