Chapter 87: I owe you a debt of life

Chapter 87: I owe you a debt of life


Ayrin stomped his foot on the floor. A depression immediately appeared on the hard pine wooden surface.


Charlotte's body was embedded in the cracked walls at this moment. Her body felt as if it had been completely jolted to pieces, and couldn't budge at all. The opponent was definitely an elite master with four open arcane gates, and the might of the arcane skills he used was simply not something arcane masters at her level or Ayrin's could contend with. Ayrin would simply be rushing to his own death if he charged forward! But she was completely numb, and her scream of fear resonated in her mind, but not a single sound could come out of her for the moment.

She thought Ayrin would rush forward.

That terrifying arcane master wearing a silver-white mask and shrouded in terrifying black flames chuckled coldly and stretched his hand out.

“Let's go!”

What she and this arcane master didn't expect was, Ayrin actually shot backwards at this time. He lifted Ivan from the sick bed with one hand, and with a crash, his other hand ferociously pushed on Charlotte's body the moment he flew out of the broken windows.

As if hit by...

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