Chapter 86: Sent flying with one move, an alarming turn of events!

Chapter 86: Sent flying with one move, an alarming turn of events!

“Hurry up, let's go to Dragon-Battling Arena, what are you still dumbly staying here for?”

“Why, our school lost already, it's all the same whether I go or don't, why are you getting so excited.”

“Are you an idiot, today's the match between Agate Lake Academy and White Stone Academy. Anyway, I already reminded you. Go or don't, it's up to you, I'm going right now myself, otherwise I won't be able to find a seat close to the front.”

“Agate Lake Academy's match! Hurry up, let's go!”

Charlotte heard voices like these when she walked along the walls surrounding Divine Shield Academy and neared the entrance. She saw a dozen male students rush anxiously toward the Dragon-Battling Arena without even finishing their food. She couldn't resist shaking her head.

Heroes and beautiful girls had always been the most attractive things.

Agate Lake Academy wasn't only very strong, with powerful freshmen joining year in and year out. The most important thing was, the proportion of girls to boys in Agate Lake Academy was seven to one. The academy emphasized female students, and the majority of teachers were female as well. It emphasized...

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