Chapter 85: Golden Lion Academy's forfeit

Chapter 85: Golden Lion Academy's forfeit

“Teacher Carter, teacher Ciaran, now that I can condense arcane particles on my own, I'm a genuine arcane master now, right?”

Ayrin hopped nonstop for a while, then spread out his arms wide under the starry sky and asked his question to Carter and Ciaran.

“This guy, his stamina reserve is really not something someone ordinary can compare to. He doesn't look tired even after condensing arcane particles.”

Carter exchanged a look with Ciaran. He couldn't resist smiling when seeing the expectant look in Ayrin's eyes. “That's right. You're a genuine arcane master now starting from today.”

“Then you can teach me new arcane skills now, right?” Ayrin hopped in front of the two of them. “Teacher Carter, teacher Ciaran, if I can learn another couple powerful arcane skills, I'll definitely be even stronger in our matches, won't I?”

“I don't have anything else more suitable and more powerful than Evil Flaming Eye for a new arcane master with one arcane gate open. This guy Carter though, he still has an 'Ice Lament.'” A thought flashed in Ciaran's mind when she heard...

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