Chapter 84: Condensing arcane particles

Chapter 84: Condensing arcane particles

At night, in the Huge Beasts Enclosure.

Under a giant baobab tree, three half-human demon wolves standing erect frantically tore a spotless-white unicorn to pieces.

The three demon wolves already killed the pure-white unicorn; blood now flowed on its spotlessly white body. The three demon wolves, taller than two men put together, tore its flesh then swallowed it, making strange sounds, painting a ghastly picture in the starry night.

They went away with only a third of the broken unicorn body left, disappearing in the woods nearby, fully contented, their furs covered in blood.

All of a sudden, the wind seemed to carry an even thicker smell of blood. A silhouette, blood-red from head to toe, slowly appeared in the night haze and walked under this baobab tree without a sound.

This blood-red figure was impressively Belo.

He seemed a little more slender than before, and there were scars showing on his exposed skin. Some of these scares seemed from stabs, from claw scratches, some looked like mosquito bites, some even scars of putrefaction....

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