Chapter 83: Rinloran's secret

Chapter 83: Rinloran's secret

“You're really not a girl dressed up as boy?”

Stingham asked, standing in the doorway to Rinloran's room. His eyes were locked onto Rinloran, still carrying the spark of a hope.

“Teacher Carter, what is it?”

Rinloran walked into his own room with his usual aloofness and said in an ice-cold tone, “If there's nothing of importance, I'm a little tired and would like to rest now.”

“It was still alright back when he freshly joined the school, but he seems to have grown colder and colder ever since I asked him to join the school team, grown more and more distant...” Carter sighed in silence and nodded helplessly at Singham. “This is Stingham, he transferred to our school just today. I already talked it over with the teacher in charge of the dorm, and we'd like to let him stay in the same room with you if you don't have any objection.”

“I have no opinion if that's the school's arrangement of the school.” Rinloran didn't even look at Carter, Stingham, Ayrin, or Chris. He coldly said, “Just remember, don't touch my things, keep clean, and also don't randomly leave...

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