Chapter 82: The rule of heroes

Chapter 82: The rule of heroes

“Team Holy Dawn isn't Chris' one man show anymore this year.”

“Two powerful freshmen actually came out of the blue. With Chris on top of these two freshmen, they won't be easy to handle anymore.”

“Ivan and Charlotte were too careless though. If Ivan came out all guns blazing instead, it's hard to tell who'd have won and who'd have lost. In the situation from back then though, it was hard to predict that Ayrin would be able to invoke two mighty arcane skills back to back! He even grasped two arcane skills with two entirely different styles like Evil Flaming Eye and Crown of Ice and Snow! A situation like that... Even a battlemaster with three open arcane gates and very rich fighting experience would have been fooled and defeated.”

A row of people walked inside Golden Lion Academy's campus in a heavy mood, chatting between themselves at the same time.

These were precisely all the members of team Golden Lion apart from Stingham.

Holy Dawn Academy defeated Divine Shield Academy. This was definitely the first major upset since the start of the Hegemonical Cup of Starry Skies Braves this year.

They could foresee that many people would be talking for a long time about Ayrin and Moss's sudden emergence in this year's tournament.

When they remembered the many fighting madman-like expressions on Ayrin's face during...

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