Chapter 81: Outstanding treacherousness

Chapter 81: Outstanding treacherousness

Noon. Holy Dawn Academy was especially quiet compared to usual.

Because the vast majority of Holy Dawn Academy students all went to watch the match in Dragon-Battling Arena, so at mealtime, even the great dining hall usually filled with people bustling here and there was now only sparsely populated with a few people sitting there.

Third year's Tonkin walked out dispiritedly out of the canteen, carrying a lunchbox. Looking at the pamphlet pasted on the wall opposite the canteen, the one who told every student of Holy Dawn Academy to go to Dragon-Battling Arena and cheer for their school team, a bitter smile hard to describe with words floated on his face.

It wasn't that he didn't love this school, and he wasn't one of those people lacking courage and hotbloodness either. But he knew better than anyone that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Back when he still was a freshman in Holy Dawn Academy, he was an ardent supporter of team Holy Dawn, and he would be at the field for every match to cheer for his academy's team....

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