Chapter 80: The most reckless guy

Chapter 80: The most reckless guy

“Lannister Corps... Become an arcane master of clan Lannister...”

Such a voice reverberated inside Bessa's mind.

It was an honor to be an arcane master of clan Lannister, one that brought very great fame. It was also the goal she and the other members of Team Divine Shield strove for, sparing no effort.

However, Ayrin's very natural words made her realize something all of a sudden. She didn't know when it began, but she'd unconsciously forgotten the real meaning of battles.

The reason arcane master battled, wasn't it precisely for the sake of protecting their kingdom, protecting those they needed to protect?

Her heart and mind were filled with countless complex and negative feelings before entering the field, because she was afraid she would lose the opportunity to become an arcane master of clan Lannister. But at this moment, she suddenly felt that it wouldn't be a big deal even if she weren't able to join clan Lannister's corps and arcane teams. Her mood completely quieted down.

“Be careful, I'll also fight with everything I have,” she said to Ayrin in a serious tone, nodding her head at him.

“Bring it on then! Brave...

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