Chapter 79: In order to protect

Chapter 79: In order to protect

“Brook against Ayrin!”

The referee spoke again, and only then did the Holy Dawn Academy students slowly start recovering from their numbness and dizziness, only then did they start believing that something huge happened inside this Dragon-Battling Arena.

“Team Divine Shield is a team that qualifies for the national tournament year in and year out, but we're actually on the verge of beating them!”

“Ayrin already beat Charlotte and Ivan back to back, if he wins against the next two Divine Shield team members, then a legend will truly be born in the Dragon-Battling Arena!”

“Go Ayrin! Beat them!”

The national tournament was something far out of their reaches, something far beyond their school, but now it suddenly became so real. Even the usually most reserved Holy Dawn students felt their hot blood ignite completely.

Brook, the fourth contestant representing Divine Shield Academy, had an utterly unsightly expression amidst the cheers and the singing engulfing everything in the entire venue.

“No matter...

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