Chapter 78: Still a mystery

Chapter 78: Still a mystery

“Just like that!”

Carter firmly lifted both his hands, and couldn't resist roaring tremendously yet again!


“What arcane skill is that! The power is so terrifying!”

“Ah ah ah... How can Ayrin invoke an arcane skill like this! What about the eyeball just a moment ago!”

“The strongest in the academy... captain Ivan, was actually hit so miserably!”

The Holy Dawn students and Divine Shield students in the stands all seemed to become alive again after the explosion of Carter's tremendous roar, all crazily blowing off their tops.

Ivan wasn't merely frozen at this time. Many sharp sword-like icicles punctured his body into a bloody mess.

“Medical teams!”

“Stop the fight!”

The referee in charge of this match shrieked loudly.

Field referees in charge of formal matches like these were all elite arcane masters transferred from various academies. All of them were formidable existences in the kingdom.

Ayrin still worried whether Ivan would counter attack and was ready to strike another blow, but this elite arcane master could already tell that if he didn't immediately...

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