Chapter 76: Conceding defeat

Chapter 76: Conceding defeat

“What arcane skill is that?”

In more than a month of secret training, Carter had suppressed his strength and imitated all types of arcane masters when fighting against Ayrin. That was why, as soon as Ayrin saw Charlotte's movements, a strong sense of crisis spontaneously arose inside him.


He felt his hand lighten all of a sudden.

The metallic doll suddenly turned into a silver-gray metallic haze.


Charlotte's hands were still joined, but following her chant, the thick silver-gray fog suddenly contracted, and unexpectedly formed another metallic doll standing upright on one side of Ayrin.


The metallic doll's punch mercilessly struck Ayrin's belly.


The vast majority of people in the stands felt as if their own bellies had taken a heavy, vicious blow. Their mouths filled with acid.

“Is that Charlotte's genuine finishing blow? Her soul-linked avatar can actually disperse and reassemble itself in the blink of an eye?”

Gerryn and the others trembled despite themselves.


An earthshaking cry of...

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