Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die

Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die

Without the slightest fancy, the two fists collided against each other.


An air blast erupted. Two silhouettes, one big and one small, seemed to halt in this instant. Charlotte's body resembled a tiny wooden stake supporting a huge building.

The two figures separated the next second, both falling three steps backwards, stomping deep craters in the ground like pile drivers.

Many people in the stands found themselves suddenly unable to make any sound, as if something were struck in their throats. They looked on, stunned.

In this exchange, the two of them actually seemed to be tied?

Even when using the same amount of strength, the one with the lighter body should definitely have been struck flying out because of the recoil.

Could it be that Charlotte's body had now become as heavy as Moss? A deep shock ran through the vast majority of spectators in the stands.

“Ah! It hurts!” Moss shouted, shaking his hand for all he was worth, his stone-like face distorted once again.

“So this is Charlotte's Heavy Ions?” Ayrin shouted after...

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