Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy's goddess

Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy's goddess

“It's Charlotte!”

“They just won a single fight, so what! It's only the beginning!”

“Charlotte, goddess! Defeat him!”

As soon as they saw Charlotte come out, as soon as they heard the referee's voice, the originally shaken Divine Shield students immediately turned crazed again in the stands.

The calm Charlotte seemed to have instantly injected them with strength and confidence.

“It's really Charlotte!”

“Charlotte, Charlotte, it's me!”

Ayrin shouted happily as soon as he realized it really was Charlotte who came out. He waved his hands at her like a madman, and even jumped, as if Charlotte couldn't see him.

“Ayrin, you're very familiar with Charlotte?” Chris, Rogrid, and the others all looked very strangely at him.

“Of course, I'm very familiar with her,”Ayrin answered very naturally

“...” Moss had the sudden urge to beat the ground when he heard him. They only met once and exchanged a couple words, that's called very familiar?

“He really became a member of team Holy Dawn?” Charlotte noticed Ayrin as well, and froze...

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