Chapter 71: Surprise

Chapter 71: Surprise

Ayrin was a critical figure in this match. If anything happened to him and prevented him from going on stage, then all his plans would be thrown out of the windows, and they would definitely lose.

“Should I alter the order I decided on?”

He hesitated in his mind.

“Teacher, are you really going to let Ayrin fight?” Gerryn and two other old members of the team saw the referee urging them for the line-up already coming their way, and they could also see Carter's worry and hesitation.

Ender anxiously watched the tunnel's exit behind them, saying to Gerryn and the others at the same time, “Gerryn, don't disturb the teacher's train of thought. Ayrin will definitely give you guys a pleasant surprise!”

“What's gotten into Ender... What happened yesterday that made his attitude toward Ayrin make such a sharp turnabout?” This thought flashed in Gerryn's and the other two's minds at the same time. They couldn't help but glance at each other.

“What, they're confused about their line-up and can't even hand out the list?”

“Haha, it seems like one of...

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