Chapter 70: The missing Ayrin

Chapter 70: The missing Ayrin


Just as many people started falling under the spell of Holy Dawn Academy's song, a tremendous sound that could be described as “grim” blared without the slightest warning, causing a tremble in everyone's chest.

Holy Dawn Academy's momentum faltered all of a sudden.

This sound originated from the stands occupied by Divine Shield students.

When Holy Dawn Academy's song resonated throughout the entire arena, no yellow-uniformed Divine Shield student hissed in displeasure, no one threw curses or insults. They merely stood up in unison, lifted their arms, and, as if swearing an oath, hammered their fists on their on chests.

The previous sound was precisely the tremendous, oppressive sound of every Divine Shield Academy student pounding their chests.


The same sound blasted once again, shaking hearts and minds stronger than the pounding of a giant drum.

Divine Shield Academy also started to sing.

The meaning of existence lies in protecting, we grasp our shields and safeguard the people

Divine glory descended among mortals, withstanding the world and defending the homeland

Basking in the divine radiance, we stun the evil outside...

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