Chapter 69: Fight with courage! Brave warrior!

Chapter 69: Fight with courage! Brave warrior!

Early morning. The sky lit up only moment ago, and there was still an hour left before the main qualifiers, when Carter led Ayrin, Moss, Chris, and the other members of team Holy Dawn to the square outside Dragon-Battling Arena.

Dragon-Battling Arena was a huge, open-air, oval-shaped venue piled up from pure-dark volcanic stones. Many weeds and trees even grew in the interstices between the volcanic rocks. A majestic aura and a barren atmosphere strangely coexisted together, causing the entire giant arena to be shrouded inside a white haze, like a giant monster resting on its stomach.

The square outside the arena was formed by giant square stones joined together, the gaps between the stones creating natural water ditches around two fingers wide, many weeds and wild flowers growing there as well. There was an air of ancient ruins.

Team Holy Dawn didn't attract too much attention when they entered the square outside the arena, but when they approached closer and closer to the tunnel reserved for the participants, more and more people noticed their arrival.

“It's team Holy Dawn!”

“Look, it's Chris!”

“Why are...

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