Chapter 68: First match ever

Chapter 68: First match ever

Inside the Ivy district, Moss was curiously looking at Ayrin. “You're very familiar with Rinloran? Why don't I know anything about it?”

Ayrin seriously said, “Yeah, didn't he talk with me during class, we even fought a brawl together.”

“Just that? You didn't even exchange ten words putting all of them together. If that's called very familiar, then I'm also very familiar with him.” Moss couldn't resist grabbing his red hair, momentarily speechless.

But then Ayrin even said, “Oh, if that's the case, let's go look for him together then.”

“Don't tell me you forgot that we had an argument back at the registration already?” His face filling with black lines, Moss felt the urge to hit Ayrin. “You're very smart when you fight, why are you so slow on the uptake the rest of the time?”

“What of it though?”

Ayrin grandly waved his hand off. “Didn't you call me little shorty back then during registration, and during class you kept shouting at me to take a hike? Aren't we good friends now?”



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