Chapter 649: An Eye Blinding Army

Chapter 649: An Eye Blinding Army


They were still about one mile away from the demihuman army’s campsite, yet the guiding arcane teams could already smell a stench and frowned.

Although they heard this demihuman army played an important role in the war at the Doa Royal Palace and even came here as reinforcements, the arcane masters from both Fearotz and Frost Tusk Peak did not really welcome them.

How powerful could a demihuman army be?

They could smell the stench from those dirty demihumans from such a distance. Their campsite looked like a landfill.

What was funny was that the demihuman army actually cordoned off their campsite as a forbidden zone. They claimed that in order to keep the army’s fighting strength a secret, unauthorized personnel were not allowed to enter when their Leader was absent.

The only factor the demihuman army received respect for from the Corps arcane masters was that although they had a population similar to those Corps arcane masters, they did not need any food supplies!

After they arrived, the only request they made was to ask the Corps to provide food for their monsters. Other than that, the demihumans settled the problem of food themselves.

This place was the frozen plain!

Normal Corps would suffer from disease and suffer without food supplies. A large number of non-combat casualties would occur.

Due to their curiosity, those Corps arcane masters from the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold observed how those demihumans managed to survive well in such an environment.

The observant result made them feel that it was impossible to learn from them.

Because the demihumans were a classic omnivorous type. They ate whatever they saw.

The roots of plants underground, various worms, they were all food to the demihumans.

They had even brought some tuber plants similar to potatoes. By using the feces of monsters and beasts, the tuber plants quickly grew in a dozen days.

The demihumans would grind the stems and leaves of some thorny plants into powder, then knead them into something like hard bread.

Most of the beast skin and bones were treated as snacks by the demihumans.

It was impossible to imagine how they remained well nourished and energetic with such a diet.

On the other hand, the beast herds within several hundred miles around the campsite suffered the fate of being hunted by the demihumans.

Currently, various frozen jerky were hung on the simple fences around the demihuman campsite. The jerky would be their food for now.

A few tall demihumans leaned on the wobbly gate of the campsite.

They held a few beast bones and munched on them like snacks.

“Boss Ayrin!”

“Boss is here!”

“Boss, you finally came back!”

Seeing Ayrin amongst the arcane teams that arrived, the demihumans instantly became energetic and ran towards Ayrin while holding the bones.

Seeing the bones without any meat on them, the Corps arcane masters thought in their minds, “They’re really like wild dogs…… What a rowdy bunch......”

Suddenly, a Corps arcane master’s gaze froze.

The strange orange glow on a demihuman’s hand attracted his attention.

It was a large metal ring. Nine python patterns of various poses were carved on it, and tiny orange gems smaller than grains were embedded on it like snake eyes.

“Pharaoh Ring?”

The Corps arcane master immediately ascertained his judgement and opened his mouth in shock.

“Is that really a Pharaoh Ring?”

“The Pharaoh Ring that would automatically produce nine golden python corpses for protection when under attack?”

The other Corps arcane masters also became astonished.

“God of War Bracelet?”

“Burning Strength Belt?”

“Black Star Boxing Gloves?”

What shocked them even more was that not just one, but every demihuman carried valuable artifacts!

Those artifacts could not even be afforded by normal arcane teams in the Kingdom of Eiche’s artifact shops!

Did I see wrong?

“Dirty things! Don’t block my path, get lost!”

“Boss! You’re finally here!”

Two crude voices shouted at the camp gate.

The Corps arcane masters only felt a cluster of dazzling gold light stuffed into their eyes, leaving them blind.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths sounded out. The faces of the Corps arcane masters completely twisted.

The demihuman appearing before them was the demihuman leader Silva.

Can he still be called a demihuman? Isn’t he more like a mobile artifact display shelf?

Silva wore full silver armor.

The silver armor was clearly a product of a high elven craftsman. There was even a hollowed out vine layer on the rose pattern of the armor!

The armor’s streamlined design made Silva’s originally ugly physique look perfect. There were no menacing blades or hooked thorns on the armor. However, the silver light reflected became ten flaming tail feathers.

Silver Phoenix Base Armor!

In the ancient elven kingdom, only the royal guards could wear this armor! The silver light had a powerful effect of burning the opponent’s arcane power and mental strength!

Silva’s left hand held a unique triangular crossbow.

The crossbow was bronze colored, but a section of the bolt exposed the outside was dark green.

There were three eyeball-like white gems at the center of the bolt tip.

Dead Fisheye Homing Crossbow!

An automatic crossbow that could home in on enemies!

Silva’s right hand held a three-pronged demon hunting spear.

The normal-looking spear was deep red, releasing eight halos generated by light.

It was the Holy Flame Demon Spear, one of the academy treasures from the Holy Flame Academy in the Kingdom of Doa!

The Holy Flame Demon Spear possessed a Demon Flame Lotus domain. Once activated, the domain would become a huge flame lotus around the wielder!

It was a high rank domain that was both offensive and defensive!

A shield was strapped on each of Silva’s arms.

The shield on his left arm was round and black. The black aura burning on the surface would form a skull shape occasionally.

It was the Death Ranger Shield, the artifact of the Digo Household from the Kingdom of Doa. It could reflect a portion of the enemy’s arcane power.

The shield on his right arm was rectangular and covered in frost. There was a crimson cross at the center.

It was the Frost Magus Soul Shield. It not only had decent defensive power, it could also create a frost cage and imprison the enemy.

Just that many equipment alone was already extremely luxurious, enough to blind the eyes of the Corps arcane masters.

However, there was so much more!

At Silva’s waist, there was a small mace and a whip. The arcane power reverberating from those two artifacts became two swirls. They could not clearly identify the two artifacts, but they were definitely valuable artifacts!

Six badges hung in a row on Silva’s chest!

Each badge contained a powerful arcane energy fluctuation, making people feel wary towards them!

This could no longer be called luxurious!

It was totally a wasteful act of piling too many artifacts on your body!

The artifacts they saw were just on the surface......  However, any arcane master could guarantee that in a real battle, no normal arcane master would be able to use that many artifacts.

One arcane master recovered from his astonishment and unconsciously muttered, “What a laughable demihuman......”

He immediately thought the demihuman before them piled up all the good things in the entire army.

However, in the next instant, he was completely petrified.

A row of cheering demihumans ran out.

Some of them were still chewing on a half eaten bone. However, the glows from their bodies made the frost peaks in the distance lose color.

Flame Base Armor!

Undead Warrior Thorny Armor!

Thorny Reflection Armor!

Frost Gas Armor!

Black Magus Dream Saber!

Dwarven Cannon!

Storm Feather Blade Mantle!


Other than the famous artifacts filling their sight, what was the common javelin all the demihumans had on their backs?

Blood Scar Demon Hunting Javelins?

What were the arrows the demihumans carried?

Fragmenting Beast Bone Magic Arrows?

And almost every demihuman also wielded a staff...... Those were all Dazma Abyssal Staves?

Illusion, this must be an illusion!

One Corps arcane master could not believe his eyes. He could not help but stretch out his trembling hand and stroke the armor and badges Silva wore.


The demihuman leader Silva was startled, “Respect yourself, I’m straight!”

“Real. They’re actually real. They’re not illusions?”

The Corps arcane master looked as if he were struck by lightning, “That equipment you are wearing is actually real!”

“Of course it is, you bumpkin!”

It seemed ridiculous. However, the Corps arcane masters did not feel like their dignity was hurt. Rather, they began to feel numb.

If any force encounters such an eye blinding army, just one round of full fire can probably sweep away over half of the arcane masters in the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, right?

“Wahahaha, you have all geared up! Looks like Merlin’s really efficient!”

Ayrin did not look surprised at all. He excitedly patted Silva’s shoulder and laughed, “Bring me to Merlin!”

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