Chapter 630: Evil Spirit Servant

Chapter 630: Evil Spirit Servant


“Sire, you are someone who has lived since before the Era of the War with Dragons. Nobody knows the Evil Dragon and his army better than you.” Jean Camus deeply bowed to Old Ginns, “What kind of guidance can you provide us next? Do you believe there is a chance of saving Rinloran?”

“The concept of victory only depends on faith. I’m glad that all of you possess enough faith, as does Rinloran.” Old Ginns looked at Jean Camus pleasingly and slowly spoke, “So, as Ayrin’s instinct told him, although the Evil Dragon’s consciousness took over Rinloran’s body, he was unable to devour Rinloran’s ego. He can only suppress it.”

“If we can defeat him and exhaust his mental strength to a certain extent, we can use a forbidden skill to purify Rinloran’s body. That way, we can completely eliminate the remnant consciousness of the Evil Dragon. You will be able to completely exterminate the Evil Dragon.” Old Ginns turned to take a glance at Auroses and continued, “Once the Evil Dragon’s consciousness is completely vanquished, the Evil Dragon followers will no longer exist. Now that we have the Storm Kingdom’s Depraved Holy Grail, the chance of purifying the Evil Dragon is even greater.”

“Can the Depraved Holy Grail be used against the Evil Dragon?” Ayrin and the others immediately focused on Auroses.

“He was unable to completely devour Rinloran’s ego, but that doesn't mean he can’t now.” Auroses took a deep breath and spoke, “This is why I don’t trust them.”

“He still hasn’t, even now.”

Old Ginns shook his head and looked up into the sky, “If the Evil Dragon had completely devoured Rinloran’s ego and taken control of his body, he would have used the Sky Eyes forbidden skill. He wouldn’t need to rely on his Evil Spirit Servants to obtain information for him and kill arcane masters to absorb arcane particles.”

“Sky Eyes? What’s that?” Ayrin asked.

“It’s a powerful arcane energy disturbance skill. A huge magic eye will rise up into the sky like a sun. That magic eye will generate a tidal disturbance and disrupt the normal atmosphere. Hurricanes and downpours will occur in various places. Even fire and hail may rain down. Dark clouds and shadows will cover the entire Doraster Continent. This is the origin of the day of resurrection of the legendary Evil Dragon. Dark clouds will spread over the sky of the Doraster Continent and cover the stars above. The storm of ice and fire will sweep across the continent.”

Old Ginns took a deep breath and spoke to Ayrin, “The huge magic eye hanging on the vast sky can constantly absorb arcane energy useful to him and connect with his mind. He can look down on the entire Doraster Continent and find any trace of any enemy he wants to find.”

“There’s such a forbidden skill?” Ayrin was unable to imagine it.

“This is recorded in many ancient documents.” Chris reminded him, “In records, because of this forbidden skill, the Evil Dragon was able to predict the enemy’s movements and hunt down those he wanted to kill. He was invincible. But in the end, his magic eye, called ‘Orbit Moon’ by Draconic Scholar Boa, was destroyed.”

“Boa was the Moon Spring Shaman of the ancient Elven Kingdom. Her power originated from the high elven bloodline and the Moon Spring. At the end of the War with Dragons, the ancient Elven Kingdom was defeated by the Evil Dragon Army and the Moon Spring was demolished. Hence, even if Boa’s forbidden skill was passed down, nobody can destroy the Magic Eye, not even you.” Old Ginns knew Ayrin had no knowledge of such things, and also saw through Ayrin’s thoughts. Hence, he explained in detail, “Therefore, if the Evil Dragon can use the Sky Eyes, he will definitely use it. This not only can provide him support before he recovers to his peak state, but he can also observe his enemies through it. He won’t let his enemies close in on him. More importantly, that is the symbol of the Evil Dragon’s complete resurrection. It will cause great panic to the entire Doraster Continent and break down the fighting spirit of many arcane masters. This will vitalize the Evil Dragon followers and make more people surrender to him.”

“So, it’s because he doesn’t possess a complete consciousness and mental strength that he cannot use that forbidden skill! So, Rinloran must have been resisting against him all this time!” Ayrin became excited and grabbed Old Ginns, “Old Ginns, you know the Evil Dragon best. Then, what should we do next? You know the forbidden skill to purify Rinloran, right?”

“Go easy on me. You’re not the kid you were in Cororin Town anymore, and my old bones cannot endure your energetic shaking anymore.” Old Ginns felt his body almost getting dislocated by Ayrin’s shaking. He reminded Ayrin bitterly and continued, “Only the High Priestess Tashina from the ancient Kingdom of Doa knows Evil Exorcism. This is a unique forbidden skill. Not only can it cut apart mental strength, it’s mostly specialized against the Evil Dragon. It is a forbidden skill that can cause severe damage to the Evil Dragon’s Evil Dragon particles and mental strength. If you want to learn this forbidden skill, you must seek assistance from Tashina.”

“Radiance Priestess Tashina, she’s still alive?” Auroses trembled and revealed an unbelievable expression.

Old Ginns looked at Auroses and spoke with a deep meaning, “Some existences with extremely powerful mental strength can stall the growth and deterioration of their physical bodies, almost reaching immortality. However, once the stillness is broken, everything will vanish.”

“Once the stillness is broken, everything will vanish......” Jean Camus, who had a profound knowledge regarding the Everlasting Domain, turned solemn. He softly asked, “Then, if she helps Ayrin to learn the forbidden skill by casting it...... she will sacrifice herself?”

“Yes.” Old Ginns simply nodded, “Once destiny arrives, we are prepared to sacrifice ourselves for it. It’s because of this that we won that war.”

Ayrin opened his mouth but was unable to make a sound.

Charlotte knew what he wanted to ask, then softly spoke next to his ear, “Tashina is the female Draconic arcane master in the ancient Kingdom of Doa, the companion and comrade of the High Green Dragon. She’s also one of the leaders resisting the Evil Dragon, one of the Generals of the Radiance Corps.”

“Tashina is one of the biggest threats to the Evil Dragon right now. The Evil Dragon’s consciousness has sensed her existence at some point of time, but was unsure of her actual location. Hence, the Evil Dragon’s three most important subordinates, the three Evil Spirit Servants, are searching for Tashina’s exact location.” Old Ginns took a glance at Ayrin, he knew Ayrin was clearly confused. Hence, he explained in detail, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon had thirteen Evil Spirit Servants. One of them, their captain, was Fellemang. He possessed a mix of the high dark elven bloodline and the Night Shadow Dragon bloodline. The other twelve Evil Spirit Servants were real Evil Spirits, created with a necromancy forbidden skill.”

“The powers of those twelve Evil Spirit Servants originated from the twelve subordinates of the Evil Dragon that died in the war. He used a necromancy forbidden skill to convert them into Evil Spirit Servants. They were just a bizarre congregation of necromancy energy, but he could use a forbidden skill to extract the mental strength and ego of the living arcane masters to integrate with the Evil Spirit Servants.”

“Hence, his twelve Evil Spirit Servants not only possessed great strength, they were also individuals with independent mindsets. Many powerless Evil Dragon followers took pride in becoming his Evil Spirit Servants. In the Evil Dragon Army, becoming the Evil Spirit Servant of the Evil Dragon was like stepping up into heaven...... They could obtain great authority and reverence.”

“During the Era of the War with Dragons, before the final confrontation, only three of the twelve Evil Spirit Servants were still alive, including Servant Captain Fellemang. In the final battle, they did not appear next to the Evil Dragon. Based on accurate intel, at the final phase of the war, the Evil Dragon himself realized he may not be able to obtain victory, so he sealed Fellemang and the other two Evil Spirit Servants away.”

“So this is the final reserved power of the Evil Dragon!” Ayrin shouted, “That Fellemang and the two Evil Spirit Servants must be really powerful!”

“Fellemang is an expert in mental strength and dark forbidden skills. His fighting strength far exceeds normal Dragons, and his body only woke up recently after being sealed away for a long time...... He’s different from an aged existence like us. As for the Evil Spirit Servants, their strength lies in rapid recovery. No matter how grave their injuries, as long as they’re alive, they’ll recover. They possess the Evil Dragon’s absorption property and can fight on indefinitely.”


Charlotte and Chris drew a sharp breath.

With such great strength...... even if there’s no Evil Dragon, we can’t seem to take them on!

Ayrin seemed to understand Old Ginn’s intention and asked, “Old Ginns, according to what you said, it seems we have to try and finish off those three Evil Spirit Servants first, right?”

“We first have to shave down the strength of Fellemang and the other two Evil Spirit Servants in some special places, then we can kill them.”

Old Ginns nodded and turned to look at Auroses with a serious expression, “Storm Kingdom’s King, Auroses, I want to listen to your decision now. If we gain your assistance, the chance of killing the three Evil Spirit Servants will greatly increase.”

Auroses still looked grim. Before he could say anything, Ayrin already passionately tapped his shoulder and spoke excitedly as if it was natural, “What’s there to think about? You should obviously choose to fight alongside us! Only by doing that can we take on the Evil Dragon!”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

Auroses lamented.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and mumbled, “It seems...... that that is the only choice. I can only leave fate in their hands...... I hope you did not mistake your judgement.” Then, he nodded.

“See that? I knew he would pick us.”

Ayrin became more excited, “Come, I will treat you to grilled snake meat!”

“......” Auroses’s face turned green.

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