Chapter 626: The Strongest Is Never The Bloodline

Chapter 626: The Strongest Is Never The Bloodline


“You are?”

The heart of the middle-aged arcane master in the sky violently contracted. Waves of astonishment no less powerful than when the Evil Dragon resurrected shook his body. Each shake brought out further incomprehension and chills.

Auroses was his name, the great King of the Storm Kingdom, the sovereign of the Storm Archipelago. However, even those most intimate with him only knew his nickname Tolk Storm.

Only his father and grandfather knew the name Auroses. Both of them had already passed away.

How did the old man who just appeared know it?

What shocked him even more was that the common-looking old man who was near the end of his life exuded a familiar presence.

That presence was that of a terrifying dragon aura. Only a Dragon bloodline like his could sense it. It was a presence that appeared after possessing a pure Dragon aura for a long time.

“You also possess a high Dragon bloodline. How do you know my name?” The astonishment caused him to stop all his actions and focus on the old man instead.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sharkman arcane masters continued unleashing their arcane particles. The water arcane power became huge water pillars around them and completely covered their bodies. Nine-headed Snake Gudra drew the water arcane power those sharkman arcane masters released to maintain the water ball wrapping around Ayrin’s group.

The old man stopped a thousand meters away from the sharkman arcane masters.

From that distance, Auroses could clearly see the tattered clothes the old man wore. They were sewn by tattered ore bags used in the mines.

The old man looked at the King in the air with a gentle gaze and spoke, “I have no intention of offending you. I know your name because your grandfather and I came up with it.”

Auroses’s golden pupils instantly contracted. He shouted out, “Beckensis! Is that you? You haven’t passed away?”


The old man nodded towards the astonished King and softly spoke, “I sensed the rage of thunder flames and the power of the Depraved Holy Grail. Hence, I showed up here...... You two shouldn’t be fighting each other. This matter has not reached the irreversible point you imagine.”

“Is it really you?”

Auroses’s body trembled violently. He suddenly thought of a possibility and opened his eyes wide. He shouted out, “Dragon Blood Inheritance: Forbidden Holy Artifact! You used this forbidden skill to extract your bloodline and pass it on to him!”

The old man’s expression remained gentle as Auroses shouted.

“You should trust in my choice.”

The old man nodded, “Nobody knows the difference between the Silver Dragon bloodline and the Evil Dragon bloodline clearer than me. You assumed the Evil Dragon bloodline possesses all talents the Silver Dragon bloodline does. There are some Evil Dragon bloodline talents that the Silver Dragon bloodline does not possess. This assumption is mistaken.”


Auroses felt a little numb in his head as he repeated the word.

“The Silver Dragon bloodline possesses some talents the Evil Dragon bloodline doesn’t possess. Talents that cannot be copied.” The old man’s eyes shone with intelligence, “The greatest talent of the Evil Dragon bloodline is devouring and absorption. Meanwhile, the greatest talent of the Silver Dragon bloodline is endurance and instinct.”

“The Silver Dragon bloodline possesses superior instinct towards some battle scenarios, arcane skills, arcane power and mental strength.”

Taking a glance at the dumbfounded Auroses, the old man continued, “This instinct will guide the owner of the Silver Dragon bloodline to make the most correct judgement. Hence, since Ayrin instinctively felt Rinloran’s ego did not get devoured by the Evil Dragon, that means Rinloran is still fighting against the Evil Dragon. There is still the possibility of recovery. Furthermore, Rinloran may become a crucial factor at the most decisive moment.”

Astonishment still dwelled in Auroses’s eyes. He could not make a sound.

“Also, from the Era of the War with Dragons until now, the bloodline power may not be the most important aspect.” The old man continued, “During the Era of the War with Dragons, the bloodline of some powerful Dragons under the Evil Dragon Army were overwhelming compared to normal human bloodlines. However, they were still killed by arcane masters possessing normal human bloodlines. The strongest has always been the courageous ones who never gave up, who had an unshakable belief.”

“In these aspects, Ayrin has greater potential than me and many arcane masters in the past. Hence, I hope you can choose to help him instead of killing him.”

“Are you really Beckensis? How can you live for a thousand years...... How can you still be alive?” Auroses finally spoke. It seemed he was still coming to terms with the old man’s identity.

The old man smiled and explained, “A more vibrant life force than normal Dragons is also a unique talent of the Silver Dragon bloodline.”

Auroses’s expression kept changing. He hesitated for a moment, “But...... I’m still worried about putting the fate of the entire Doraster in his hands.”

“You are so stubborn, just like your grandfather and father were.” The old man shook his head, feeling a little disappointed.

“I’m being rational!”

Auroses took deep breaths. He made up his mind and turned grim again, “If I possess the Silver Dragon bloodline, I will become stronger than him and have a greater chance of defeating the resurrected Evil Dragon.”

“Believe me, even if your arcane level is higher than his, and even if you become stronger than him after possessing the Silver Dragon bloodline, he possesses some traits you don’t.” The old man shook his head, “Sometimes, a hero not only possesses fighting strength, but also charisma, a power to make others follow him without fearing death.”

“Am I worse than him?”

Auroses stubbornly shook his head. His expression turned more grim and began releasing a powerful arcane energy fluctuation. He looked at the old man and spoke with determination, “Since you used Dragon Blood Inheritance: Forbidden Holy Artifact to pass him the Silver Dragon bloodline...... Then, you are no different from an aged Draconic arcane master. Your body cannot endure powerful arcane energy fluctuations. You cannot stop me.”

“You misunderstood.”

The old man sincerely shook his head, “It’s not me trying to stop you. I just don’t want to see you being so stubborn that you fight Ayrin to the death, and end up dying to him.”

“Do you truly believe he can get out of that and defeat me?” Auroses felt a little baffled.

However, in the next moment, his expression stiffened. He looked at the water ball in disbelief, “What?”


The huge water ball wrapping Ayrin’s group suddenly shook!

Ayrin and the others still could not move, not even a finger. However, the water ball’s shape started to deform. Irregular ripples appeared on the surface caused by an impact from the inside.


The water ball shook again.

This time, everyone could clearly see a silver glow and power brands spreading out from Ayrin’s body.

Although he could not move, his fierce struggles violently shook the water ball.


“How can he struggle under the dual pressure of arcane power and mental forbidden skill?”

Auroses held his breath.


A loud shriek rang out in the sky.

Nine-headed Snake Gudra’s arcane energy fluctuation became more intense. Waves of mental strength formed into crystal crowns on its nine heads.


“Old Ginns? Is Old Ginns really here?”

“Beckensis? Old Ginns, who exactly are you?”

“Damn! I can’t move!”

“I don’t believe I can’t get out!”

Within the water ball, Ayrin’s expression twisted greatly.

Every cell in his body seemed to be burning. His strength had surpassed his past limits.

However, the powerful binding force from both physical and mental aspects prevented him from moving, as if thousands of ropes wound around him and countless heavy objects pressed down on him.

Even though he had strength, he could not move his body. This feeling was making him extremely uncomfortable.

The more he could not move, the more he wanted to move!

Under his violent struggle, every muscle fiber seemed to bloat up. The arcane particles within his body swarmed outside and desperately tried to expand outwards.

Under the effect of his arcane particles and the unique arcane power absorption trait of his body, a crease was forcefully created between the water ball and his body.

“I still can’t move!”

“My arcane particle strength is insufficient...... My mental strength is also insufficient...... I can only get out if I open my sixth arcane gate!”

A shocking instinct guided him.

His physical strength seemed to have experienced intensive training under the pressure and had already reached the critical point of reaching six arcane gates. However, his mental strength was still lacking.

I must hurry up and raise my mental strength!

Burning flames lit up in Ayrin’s eyes.


A visible mental fluctuation reverberated within the water ball.

“What is he doing?”

Auroses trembled.

It was as if Ayrin was attacking himself. He had used some mental attack to sever his own mental strength!

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