Chapter 526: Eternal Winter Forest, Empty Town

Chapter 526: Eternal Winter Forest, Empty Town


Grandmaster Yi, who was nicknamed ‘Grandmaster Screwface’, had been keeping a low profile. He was unable to steal what he wanted in the Green Dragon Divine Temple and felt a little depressed. However, he also screamed in disbelief at that moment, “Impossible! You have never trained in heavy particles before! How can this happen? Your heavy particle arcane power is even stronger than mine!”

“What did you eat out?”

Stingham and Meraly looked at Ayrin as if they were looking at a monster. Ayrin stood on the spot and did not make any movements. However, the reverberations from the power brand were shaking the airship violently.

“I got it!”

Ayrin tapped his head.


A loud noise was followed by a visible shockwave exploding out from the place he tapped.

“Ah!” Ayrin screamed in pain and collapsed from tapping his own head.


Everyone became speechless.

“So dizzy......” Ayrin was suffering from the dizziness caused by his own tap, “I got it...... This fat worm is an extreme power type, so I can’t eat out a domain. However, the substance contained in its meat has integrated into my body and greatly improved my physical strength...... Oh no...... Now my mental strength and physical strength are out of sync again. I need to get used to it again.”

“Charlotte, try punching me with force?” Before everyone regained their senses, Ayrin immediately got up from the floor.

“I will do it!” Grandmaster Yi shouted and punched Ayrin’s chest.

A powerful force generated from his body. His fist had completely become metal black. Power brands emitted from his fist and became similar to metal shreds in the air.

“What a powerful force, Grandmaster Yi!”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.


The moment the fist landed on his chest, he felt his cells releasing a wave of heat. His body felt hot, while his mind was expecting to be knocked away by the punch.

However, what happened was his feet digging into the metal plate floor with a crisp cracking sound. His body shook but he did not feel pain apart from a little heat.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Meanwhile, Grandmaster Yi took three steps back. Each step was several meters apart and left a deep footprint on the metal floor.

Grandmaster Yi was astonished after balancing himself.

“This kid’s physical strength has reached this level...... The power unleashed by every cell in his body feels like the power from an arcane master who has trained in heavy particles for years......”

Even the Dimension Traveler Lenyu was speechless. Ayrin, who remained unmoving when punched by Grandmaster Yi, gave him a feeling as if he were an enormous beast.

“I’m furious!”

“I have trained in heavy particles for so many years, and it can’t even compare to eating a fat worm!”

The astonished Grandmaster Yi screamed and began pulling out his hair. Then, he desperately ran out.

“Not good, Grandmaster Screwface received a great shock. He’s not going to jump from the airship, right? Stop him!” Stingham shouted with worry.

“What’s he doing?”

However, they immediately became dumbfounded when Grandmaster Screwface pounced towards the warehouse which stored the worm meat instead of the door leading out of the airship. He dragged a few chunks of meat from the warehouse and threw them into the steam boiler. He shouted, “I will also eat it! Eat out a future!”

“He has received a severe shock...... He’s also going to eat this meat......”

The group watched Grandmaster Yi cooking the meat.

“Ayrin, he’s stealing your meat.” Stingham reminded Ayrin after getting a hold of himself.

Ayrin generously waved his hand, “It’s fine. I don’t want to eat it anymore. It looks disgusting.”

The group finally fell down.

You have been eating it for a whole day despite saying it’s disgusting. You are full already and now you say it’s disgusting!

Ayrin overlooked the scenery from the airship while telling Merlin, “The airship’s speed isn’t fast. Merlin, you need to improve on it. It seems we will take a long time to reach the stronghold.”

At the same time, he yelled in his mind, “Belo, Chris, Moss, how are you all? You must defeat the enemy and regroup with us!”


Meanwhile, Belo, Chris, Moss and the others had just come out from a forest covered in a thick layer of snow.

Under the morning sun, there was a small town built next to a lake in front of the fatigued group.

It was a settlement of about two hundred to three hundred families. The residents clearly fished for a living.

For the convenience of docking the fishing boats, every house in the settlement was supported by wooden logs and built above the water. The fishing boats could be paddled directly underneath the house.

Several wooden bridges and floating trunks connected the town. Because it was above water, it was more humid. As a result, every building was covered in ice spikes. The residents did not seem rich. Many buildings were worn down and had holes in them. The beast pelt and fish skin covering the buildings were in tatters. It had to feel freezing and humid living in such a place.

It must be because the marine products provided by the lake was sufficient to support consumption that allowed the people living here to endure and create such a settlement.

There was a lot of dried meat and fish, as well as chillies and other spices hanging on the doors and windows of the houses. Some fishing boats were even filled with barrels of fish and other goods which were not yet unloaded. The scene appeared to be normal, except for the fact that there was not a single person in the town. The doors that were left open made creaking noises within the billowing wind.

The group quickly advanced and approached the house nearest to the bank.

“This place......”

Suddenly, Bat stopped before a large pile of snow and waved to the scattered group.

The moment they gathered, he swept away the pile of snow by generating wind currents from his hands.

“What’s this?”

Moss was shocked.

The corpse of a monster appeared before him.

The monster was over three meters in size and had a fish body. It grew four limbs and was dark green with blue dots all over its body. Its four fins looked like four wings.

Although it had died a long time ago and its eyeballs had sunken dwn, it still seemed to be reverberating arcane energy fluctuations.

“It's a Lake Sahagin, a Lord level monster! It’s also the guardian of this town. A typical settlement in the Eternal Winter Forest usually keeps a powerful monster and lives together with it.”

Bat flipped the monster around and everyone could see a large cut at its abdomen. The organs inside were gone.

Bat used a black stabber to cut open the chin of the monster. He reached inside and pulled out a diamond-shaped crystal core.

Bat cleaned the crystal core in a pile of snow and spoke with a chilling voice, “Just like the monsters and beasts we encountered before, the blood, brain tissue and organs are devoured. However, the valuable monster core is left behind. This should also be the work of those undead ghouls.”

Belo nodded and spoke, “Let’s take a rest. There are plenty of empty rooms.”

Chris and Moss glanced at each other.

They also felt Belo becoming stranger the more time passed. Belo’s gaze was fervent and impulsive before they entered the Eternal Winter Forest. However, he seemed to have become completely calm after entering.

Good rest was necessary, especially after travelling for days in this extremely cold weather.

A warm fire was lit in the hearth of a house that was in the best condition.

There was fresh bread on the dining table and utensils made out of bronze or tin.

After enjoying a meal of bread, grilled meat and fish, they covered themselves with thick blankets and slept.


Chilling winds constantly blew across the town.

Snow began falling from the sky.

The snow gradually became heavier.

Three white silhouettes suddenly appeared in the forest next to the lake.

The three silhouettes clearly noticed the light coming from the house Belo’s group was resting in.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The white silhouettes rushed towards the house Belo’s group was in.

Within the warm room, Belo’s eyes suddenly opened soundlessly and red glints flashed across them.

The moment he quietly got up, the others were also awake.

Clear running noises came from the wooden bridge outside.

Belo’s nose twitched. He made a simple gesture and opened the door.

Almost at the same time the door opened, a shout was transmitted to everyone’s ears, “Quick, extinguish the fire!”

Chris and Moss felt that the voice was familiar. After recalling for a moment, they realized who the owner of the voice was.


“Quick! Those undead ghouls are extremely sensitive towards light and fire!”

As the cold air gushed in, Ivan wearing white leather robes appeared first, followed by a familiar tall arcane master. The third arcane master was short and gave off a weird first impression as if he were wearing a deer head.

“Don’t worry.”

Seeing Ivan’s panicked expression, Belo only pushed his spectacles and spoke while looking into the distance, “I’m actually waiting for them. I’m doing this on purpose...... And it’s too late.”

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