Chapter 523: Meaty Aroma Airship

Chapter 523: Meaty Aroma Airship


Merlin’s speed was extraordinary. Everybody was astonished.

The huge worm’s skin was patched up by her until there was only one hole left. Then, she dragged the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon and stuffed it into the hole, firing a shot into the worm.

The huge worm’s body rapidly bloated up. The flesh inside its body was smashed into piles and separated from its skin.

“So violent...... She directly shot the cannon inside its body! The insides have been churned into a mess. Does Ayrin still have his appetite?”

Apart from Ayrin, every sane person could not help but lose their appetite.

However, they immediately knew their concerns were unnecessary. Ayrin shouted towards Merlin, “Merlin, you’re so smart! Why didn’t I think of this method? I don’t have to chop it up if I’d done that!”

Merlin did not slow down at all and changed her arms once in a while. The worm was first bloated up by pumping more air into it, causing it to expand to double its original size.

Next, the interior of the worm was separated into several sections.

The worm’s flesh was piled up in one of the sections. Another section was remodeled into a control room that could hold dozens of people.

The control room was reinforced with thin metal plates. Crystal sheets were fixed onto the openings on all sides to allow the people in the control room see the situation around the airship.

At the same time, there were wind holes at the top, bottom and both sides. Metal propellers were installed at the wind holes.

The wind generated by these propellers could control the movement of the airship. At the same time, the propellers were not exposed outside, so they could not be attacked easily.

The arcane resistance of the worm’s skin was astonishing. It could even defend against Merlin’s cannon shots.

Apart from the wind holes, Merlin installed a few shooting windows. The White Dwarven Artifact Cannon was set up in one of them.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

It did not feel like standing inside a worm when they stood in the control room.

Merlin only took less than ten minutes to complete everything. More importantly, she did not rush to build it as each metal plate in the control room was carefully welded and the welding lines even created a beautiful pattern. Gems were used to decorate the inside.

Those who had not witnessed the process would never imagine the interior was filled with chunks of flesh ten minutes ago.

After completing the control room, Merlin continued her work in the section next to the control room. She made two spherical containers over several meters in diameter. There was an airtight lock-type lid above the two spherical containers. At the same time, many pipes extended out to various parts at the bottom of the airship.

After completing all of that, Merlin signaled to Ayrin.

“It’s already completed?”

Ayrin watched Merlin’s gestures, then at the two huge containers. He suddenly realized something and laughed, “Merlin, you’re saying I can use arcane skills to fill them up with water, then cook the meat? We can drive the airship and boil meat to eat at the same time! Merlin, you’re so considerate!”

Merlin clearly looked dumbfounded.

“That’s definitely not it.” The group was speechless as they saw Ayrin getting excited.

If it’s about the pot to cook meat, why would it need to be so delicately made? There are also pipes connecting it to the outside.

“It’s the steam power auxiliary device.” The black-haired man groaned, “Although some lightening arcane power can provide the lift for the airship, it cannot provide sufficient acceleration force. Most of the large airships in the Era of the War with Dragons are equipped with such a device. However, they were equipped with gems that could provide an infinite water source and gems that could boil the water indefinitely. The iron ball siege cannon made by the Mountain Dwarves used this principle. They used the powerful pressure generated by steam to launch huge iron balls. However, we are currently limited in materials. We don’t have gems for the water supply or for heating. We need arcane masters to control it with arcane skills. Hence, Merlin has set up two sets of this device. While one set is getting filled up with water from arcane skills, the other set will boil the filled water, and vice versa. If the process were automated by gems, we would only need one set.”

“I see! By making use of the propelling force from the pressure accumulated in the steam, we can accelerate the airship! Merlin, you’re incredible! You can even come up with alternatives when we are lacking materials. In comparison, we only need to spend a little more arcane particles.”

Ayrin scratched his head in enlightenment, “But if we are using the steam, there shouldn’t be a problem cooking meat inside too, right?”

By then, Merlin seemed to understand him. She nodded.

Are they really going to cook meat in that?”

The group almost tripped.

First, they decided to use the skin of the worm to build an airship, so that they can take all the meat. Now, they are even using the steam power auxiliary device to cook meat...... Ayrin really has a boundless imagination regarding food.

“Scary monster master...... Using the skin of the worm to make an airship that will carry its own meat. At the same time, he’s cooking its meat inside of it...... The steam flowing out will come from meat soup. The exterior of the airship will be filled with a meaty aroma......”

The five monsters felt Ayrin was perverted to the extreme. They trembled non-stop.

“Oi...... Are you feeling cold?”

Ayrin looked at the two ‘huge pots’ excitedly, then saw the five monsters trembling non-stop. So, he pointed at the two huge pots and asked the five monsters with good intention, “These two pots are large. They seem to be able to fit all of you, do you want to take a soak to warm up?”


“You want us to go in?”

“You really intend to eat us!”

The five monsters shrieked, “No!”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to, what’s with the shrieking?”

Ayrin took a glance at the five monsters, “World of Water!”

Then, he used an arcane skill and filled the two huge containers with water.


“Why is it the Bat Corps!?”

“What kind of monsters have they become?”

“We must not let these monsters get into the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

A dozen royal arcane teams were desperately defending against the charge of the Corps shrouded in frost outside the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

Amongst the royal arcane teams, one of them had ice swords dancing in front of him. He was the Variable Swordmaster Roha who fought Ayrin before.

He had changed from fighting against Ayrin’s group to fighting for Ayrin and Stingham.

In his sight, the Corps charging towards them were mostly wearing the bat-base armor. There were some he even knew very well!

However, those people were no longer his acquaintances!

The Bat Corps arcane masters had changed into undead monsters releasing frosty auras and had glowing white eyes!

The bodies of those arcane masters seemed to have undergone a complete modification. Their cells were now similar to ice type artifacts and constantly gathered ice arcane power. At the same time, they seemed to be permanently in a berserk mode. Their reaction speed had greatly improved from the time they were alive.

Most importantly, there was no other way to incapacitate them apart from completely severing or crushing their heads. Despite being undead creatures, white-colored blood still flowed within their bodies.

Arcane masters killed by them would become similar existences after getting injected by that white blood!

So, after the undead Corps swept through the battlefield, they only increased in size! There were even many arcane masters Roha was familiar with added to the Corps!

“What kind of arcane skill is that? It can produce so many powerful monsters and control them!”

“So be it!”

Roha gritted his teeth. He knew just the few arcane teams here would not be able to stop the undead Corps from rushing into the Green Dragon Divine Temple. However, if they could kill just a few more of those monsters, the people in the Green Dragon Divine Temple...... they would gain a better chance to escape!

That Frost Dragon...... And that Evil Dragon Bishop who transformed into an Evil Dragon should have been stalled by the other arcane teams!

Then, we will stall this Corps now!

Roha had prepared to fight to the end. However, at that moment, a strange meaty aroma wafted out from the Green Dragon Divine Temple.


He and the other royal arcane masters turned around and became dumbfounded.

A huge shadow rose up from the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

It sort of looked like the massive worm that had rampaged through the Royal Palace and could not be stopped by anyone.

However, right now, that worm had become a bloated up airship!

Beneath the rising airship, clusters of steam were spewed out.

The steam contained a tempting meaty aroma!


Screaming sounds could suddenly be heard in the sky.

Several shadows rapidly flew towards the airship.

They were Evil Dragon followers riding on Scorpion-tailed Eagles.

The Doa Royal Palace’s Aerial Corps was shot down from the sky by the white Dragon and the Scorpion-tailed Eagle riders.

Boom! Boom! Bomo!

Cannon shots could be heard from the airship.

Clusters after clusters of powerful arcane energy shot towards the Scorpion-tailed Eagles.

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