Chapter 452: Psychic Style Successor

Chapter 452: Psychic Style Successor


Wrapped in black arcane robe with black cloth covering the face, Ayrin’s group stood at the entrance of a village.

The village was not large and only had a single crossroad. There were only a little over a hundred houses including the shops. The highest building was the windmill.

A big city was located on the mountain not far from the village. There were three huge water pillars in the city, three springs that continuously gushed out. They looked like three white pillars from afar, and the sound of water gushing out could even be heard from the village.

“That’s the Three Spring City, then here should be the Spear Spring Village, right?”

Stingham took a look at the map and commented.


Rinloran lamented.

A stone tablet stood at the side of the road a few steps before them, and ‘Spear Spring Village’ was carved on it.

“Are your eyes used for breathing!?” Meraly was completely speechless....

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