Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yasha Form

Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yaksha Form


Every sane arcane master was stunned by the scenario.

“This is what that guy wanted to do?”

Amongst the Silver Fox Trio, Fesh and Manguu opened their eyes wide in shock from the situation and asked Yugou, “Captain, what forbidden skill is this?”

“I got it......” Yugou suddenly took out an ancient book and quickly flipped the pages.

You’re still flipping a book in this situation!

Fesh and Manguu lamented and felt an urge to cut Yugou down.

“It’s this! Hell, Blood Yaksha Form!”

Yugou pointed at a page in the ancient book and excitedly spoke.

“Beastly Love? This is a love novel from bards?” Fesh and Manguu accidentally saw the title of the ancient book and almost fell down.

“Can you believe things told in a love novel?” The two almost roared out.

“Even a description of an arcane skill from a third-rate story book cannot be so detailed by using pure imagination. Hell: Blood Yaksha Form’s...

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