Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell

Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell


One arcane master left the battlefield.

Golden glow flowed on his body, making him look like a golden statue. All the blood rays shining onto his body were burned into cinders.

Several seconds ago, a berserk arcane master was cut into three sections by the golden glow flowing from his hands.

Anyone who could easily kill an arcane master was considered a peak expert in the Doraster Continent.

“Golden Statue Kanhur?”

Suddenly, a voice called out not far in front of that arcane master.

The golden statue-like arcane master immediately stopped.

Three silhouettes with different heights walked out from the scattering grass and dust, standing in his way.

“Who are you? What’s the meaning of this?”

Golden Statue Kanhur narrowed his eyes and coldly spoke.

“We are the righteous Silver Team trio!”

“You are a criminal arcane master who always robbed merchants. We are going to execute you in the name of justice!”

The voice of the trio connected together in...

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