Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feast

Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feast


Bat’s figure rushed out from the grey hurricane.

Within the chaos where one could not determine the location of friend or foe, he was able to appear right next to Belo like a loyal guardian.

The two black blades stabbed firmly into the ground beneath him. His feet also stabbed deeply into the soil. He looked like a bent bow as he resisted the explosions and chaotic hurricane.

The blood spewing out from Belo’s body rapidly became tiny blood particles in the raging hurricane.


“What’s going on!?”

“What’s this arcane skill!?”

Regardless of the arcane masters scattering around in the hurricane and explosions or the still lurking arcane masters, all of them raised their heads in shock.

The originally snow-white moon in the sky suddenly became an eerie blood red color!

The instant the moon became blood red, the grey hurricane also became blood red. The entire dark sky became red!

At the same time, chaotic arcane energy and the chilling...

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