Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins

Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins


“The Peacock Metal is so powerful!”

“As expected of the treasure for arcane masters regardless of level!”

Killing three strong individuals in an instant was a shocking record. However, most arcane masters were only more fired up.

With just a little bit of the Peacock Metal, it allowed Moss to break through Jizashun’s defense.

If a little more Peacock Metal could be integrated, even a common materialized weapon could become a forbidden level artifact!

Several presences locked on to the advancing Chris at that moment!

Although three members were lost, the two teams were not weak.

Psst! Psst!

However, at the same time, red light surged out beneath every assaulting arcane master’s feet.

“What a grand move!”

Yugou gave praise.

Belo had seeped a large amount of blood into the ground unknowingly and attacked everyone at that moment!

Boom! Boom! Boom!......

Many explosions and flames could be seen and heard. Those arcane masters were clearly prepared. The red lights were blocked by various arcane...

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